The Little Engine That Could

I had a paradigm shift this evening as I was reading my son The Little Engine That Could.

Usually when I read this book I identify with the Tired Old Engine. He has been working hard all day and he just doesn’t have anything left to give to the kids on the other side of the mountain. As a teacher it’s so easy to feel this way, especially once we get bogged down in the school year.

But tonight, I was reading about the Little Blue Engine, and I really identified with her when she said, “but I am just a little engine”. I feel like I’m only one little teacher. How can I pull that train all the way over the mountain? But she says “I think I can.” And so she tries. Continue reading “The Little Engine That Could”

Our Family’s Favorite Picture Books

My oldest son, Matthew, is three, and he absolutely loves books. Proud mama, right here! He’s always been pretty into books. In fact, I have a great picture of him looking at the pictures in a book as young as three months old. Usually this book love takes the form of picking ONE book that he is obsessed with and reading it over and over and over again. (Sound like anyone we know?)

Over the last three years that book has changed many times. But I thought it might be fun to share some of those favorites with you all. I’m adding Amazon links in case you see one you like. I’m not an affiliate or anything, just want to spread the love!

So here they are, in more-or-less the order he enjoyed them in.

Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss

51vTMFD5q9L._SX359_BO1,204,203,200_What a classic! When my son was about six months old this was the only long book he would sit still for. The rhyming patterns and frequent repetition make this a great book for small children. As a bonus, I also really enjoyed reading him this book every day. Unlike some kids books, it never got old. Continue reading “Our Family’s Favorite Picture Books”