Sorting Hat Sunday: Throne of Glass

Sorting Hat Sunday (1)

Caelena waited impatiently in her compartment, alone, as always. A few other kids had attempted to enter a few hours ago, but she glared at them until they went away. She wasn’t here to make friends. She was here to learn exactly as much magic as she needed to find out what happened to magic in Adarlan, then she was going home.

Home. To Sam. That was the only reason worth going back, anyway. If Arboynn hadn’t kept Sam back in Adarlan, she’d never go back. Which, she knew, was exactly why Arboynn hadn’t let him come along in the first place.

Arboynn hoped she’s learn skills at Hogwarts to make her a better assassin, but after ten minutes on the train it was clear that she would learn nothing useful here. This was a school for children, not assassins. But she didn’t have to tell Arboynn that. If she could figure out what happened to magic, it would all be worth it.

Why? she asked herself. It’s not your responsibility. Not anymore. She pushed the thought away. It was dangerous. Nobody could know. It would be best to just forget.


Aelin is tough to sort, because Aelin and Caelena have completely different personalities. And I don’t know that it’s even as simple as Aelin pretending to be a different person when she is Caelena, her time spent as a different person seems to truly change who she is. But, arguably, that she is able to make the choice to be who she is as Aelin suggests that’s who she really was all along, that perhaps she just lost sight of it. I don’t know. Disagree with me if you want!

Sorting Hat Says: GRYFFINDOR!

sorting hat (1)


Dorian doesn’t seem to fit much of anywhere. He’s loyal to his father at first, but his loyalty is easily swayed. He seems intelligent enough, but he’s stupid enough to get used as a pawn in his father’s schemes. He isn’t particularly brave, preferring to let Chaol do his dirty work for him. And he seems to lack ambition all together.

But, toward the end of the series, once he gets over feeling sorry for himself, he does seem to have a good mind for strategy, tactics, and figuring out what the other side might be thinking. So, I guess…

Sorting Hat Says: RAVENCLAW!

sorting hat (4)


I don’t think there’s much question here, is there?

Sorting Hat Says: HUFFLEPUFF!

sorting hat (6)


Nehemia has traits of a lot of different houses going for her. But it takes a really special kind of person to allow themselves to be martyred for the greater cause. In my memory of the series all of Nehemia’s intelligence, loyalty, and cunning are eclipsed by this act of extreme bravery.

Sorting Hat Says: GRYFFINDOR!

sorting hat (2)


Rowan is brave, yes, but he is also sneaky. He knows how to work around his blood curse to do what he wants to do. While his motivations are good, he is also motivated by revenge and other emotions of passion. He gets what he wants, even if he has to wait centuries for it. I’m as surprised as anyone, but…

Sorting Hat Says: SLYTHERIN!

sorting hat (8)


Manon is loyal to a fault. She is loyal to the point of being unable to think for herself. She is willing to work hard, to torture her body and the body of her sisters in order to make Wingleader. Not to mention her devotion to her wyvern.

Sorting Hat Says: HUFFLEPUFF

sorting hat (7)


Here is a person who was cunning enough to be working toward her own agenda for literally years without anybody noticing! She has the sly wit to see potential outcomes, and is ruthless enough to agree to be Aelin in a pinch. She’s a master strategist, and a skilled manipulator.

Sorting Hat Says: SLYTHERIN!

sorting hat (9)


Aedion could go just about anywhere. He’s so loyal that he alone kept up Aelin’s cause when she was missing for decades, and clever enough to do so while tricking the king into thinking he worked for him. That takes some pretty epic guts too. The only place that doesn’t make sense for him is Slytherin, which is perhaps why he’s so attracted to Lysandra. The sorting hat’s going to be sitting on this guy’s head for a long time before it makes a decision! But since it seems to take preference into account, I would think Aedion would want to go to…

Sorting Hat Says: GRYFFINDOR!

sorting hat (3)


Elide can’t rely on her body, so she has to rely on her brains. She’s not particularly brave, except when she has to be because she has no other choice. She’s not especially loyal, she just wants to save her own skin. And intelligent as she is, she doesn’t seem to have the cunning to pull off her plans without anyone knowing what she’s up to.

Sorting Hat Says: RAVENCLAW!

sorting hat (5)


7 thoughts on “Sorting Hat Sunday: Throne of Glass

  1. Love love LOVE your intro!!! Totally makes sense about Aelin being difficult to sort cos of her different personalities- I’d have gone for either Slytherin or Gryffindor (though Gryfindor probably makes more sense given her true identity). And yeah I agree Dorian is tough- but I also love his character and would be happy for him to be in my house 😉 Yup to Chaol being in Hufflepuff. And agree with you about Nehemia. Slytherin is a great choice for Rowan! ooh yeah, I’d have put Manon in Syletherin but once you put it like that, I think Hufflepuff makes more sense for her. And yeah I completely agree with the rest! awesome picks!

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