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This is just your friendly neighborhood reminder that to say THANK YOU!!!!! to my 1,000 followers (seriously, still not over this) I am hosting a GIVEAWAY!!

I’ll send you a book of my choice from your tbr (don’t worry, I’ll send the one I think you’re going to love the BEST!), but sorry it’s open to US only, and sorry there’s only going to be one winner. Thanks again for being THE MOST AWESOME PEOPLE EVER!!!!

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Burnout Solution Check-In

So way back in June I wrote a post about how I was getting burnt out on YA, mostly because I was reading sooooooo much of it. I’ve always been a reader who prefers lots of variety, and tend to read any old thing that catches my interest. But since I started blogging I’ve been reading lots of YA books.

My solution that I devised for myself was that I separated my books into loose “genres”, and read one from each before I could do any repeats.

The good news: it’s going GREAT! I’ve read so many AMAZING books this year, and several of them are books I probably wouldn’t have ever picked up if I hadn’t started this process. In particular I’ve read three SciFi’s that I’ve loved, and a couple really good mysteries, which were genres I’d definitely been neglecting. I’ve been very happy with each and every book I’ve picked up in the last six months, and I’ve felt so refreshed. It’s nice knowing every single book is going to be a change of pace!

The things that need to be improved: since I was primarily focused on reading more genre fiction, everything else got sort of lumped together. Historical fiction, chick-lit/contemporary, literary fiction, they all got kind of thrown together. The result is that I’ve read exactly zero literary fiction since then. And while it’s not my favorite genre, there’s a couple of literary fiction novels that have been sitting on my tbr for years, and at this rate I’ll never get to them! I also haven’t read a lot of historical fiction, and that IS one of my favorite genres. Continue reading

2018 in Review


Wow, 2018 is over already? Where has the time gone?!

Thanks everyone for sticking with me! This is my second year here on Never Not Reading, and it’s been a truly fantastic one! While I’m a little sad that since mid-August my posts, especially discussion posts, have dropped off a bit, I’m very excited about my future as a librarian. And I super appreciate everyone who has kept reading, even when things got a little slow.

After all, I started this blog for reviews in the first place.

Top 10 of 2018

2018 has been my best ever year for books. NINE 5-star reads!!!

Check out my Top 10 blog post here. Continue reading

Happy Halloween!

It’s the spookiest day of the year!!! Happy Halloween book worms!

I hope you all have a great day dressing up in your costumes! Those of you with kids, have fun trick-or-treating and good luck with the belly-aches this evening. (Crossing my fingers for no rain tonight…) Those of you going to parties, have fun and be safe.

And, as always, enjoy a picture of our amazing family Halloween costumes!


(Before you ask, no I didn’t make the hats. Etsy, baby.)

Love you bookish nerds! Happy Halloween.

I’m Thirty?!?

So yeah, that happened this week. Still processing.

The thing is, I am absolutely not freaked out about getting older. Normally I don’t even keep track of how old I am, and anyways I’m looking forward to my thirties and seeing my family grow up. I am a little freaked out about how old I actually am. I feel like just yesterday I turned twenty-three.

I don’t feel thirty. Not even close. Adult-hood has completely taken me by surprise. Like, I know I have two kids and I own a house and I have a real adult job, but I still don’t feel like I have my stuff together. I just feel like I’m making everything up as I go. Maybe that’s normal for thirty-year-olds, but it just seems like they all have everything figured out. Continue reading

Future Librarian

YOU GUYS!!!!!!!

I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago that I had applied to Grad School but that the program was full. I was crossing my fingers that some people might choose the other university that offers the same degree and open up room for me, but I was pretty sure it wouldn’t happen and feeling down. But on Sunday morning I opened my email, and lo and behold! I AM ACCEPTED!

giphy (1)

So. As of Monday I am officially enrolled for a degree in Library Science. I’m going to be a librarian!!!! I am over the moon about this for many, many reasons, too many to go into at length. But I must say to all of you:

Thank you.

It is this blog and the people in this community that really brought out my passion in books and made me realize that what I want to spend all day every day doing is sharing that love with kids. Being a teacher is great, but I don’t know that it’s right for me. Thanks to you all (and a real-life friend) I think I’ve discovered that a school library is a much better fit. Continue reading

The Little Engine That Could

I had a paradigm shift this evening as I was reading my son The Little Engine That Could.

Usually when I read this book I identify with the Tired Old Engine. He has been working hard all day and he just doesn’t have anything left to give to the kids on the other side of the mountain. As a teacher it’s so easy to feel this way, especially once we get bogged down in the school year.

But tonight, I was reading about the Little Blue Engine, and I really identified with her when she said, “but I am just a little engine”. I feel like I’m only one little teacher. How can I pull that train all the way over the mountain? But she says “I think I can.” And so she tries. Continue reading