Discussion: What makes you anticipate a new release?

At the beginning of the month or at the beginning of a new season I tend to see a lot of “Anticipated New Releases” posts. A lot of the time I’m not particularly anticipating the same books as everyone else (probably because I anticipate so few new books and don’t really keep up with book news). So at the beginning of this month looking at all these posts got me thinking, What DOES make me anticipate a new book?

If it’s written by an author I love?

Mmmmm, maybe. I won’t lie, that whenever I hear Naomi Novik has something new coming out I get pretty excited, but I don’t really do the auto-buy-author thing. If I love the author I’m more likely to be excited about a book, but I still have to be interested in the concept or story.

A great cover?

Hahaha, I won’t lie, a great cover can definitely make me pick up a book! But it doesn’t usually make me anticipate it more than any other book. Now, a terrible cover WILL make me not care about a book at all, so I guess in that way a great cover (or at least a good cover) is essential for me to anticipate a book.

A really interesting blurb or concept?

THIS IS A MUST. Honestly, this is the one and only criteria necessary for me to get super excited about a new book. While I’m unlikely to find out about a book before it’s published based on this alone, I will ONLY pick up a book with a great cover or by a beloved author if the blurb captures my attention.

If a respected blogger or reviewer recommends it?

Another solid MAYBE. I’m approximately 92% more likely to pick up a book if Liberty from Book Riot says its good, but again, I have to be interested in its blurb or concept. But if I’m on the fence about a book, a great recommendation from a favorite blogger can be enough to make me request it from the library.

If it’s a sequel to a book I loved?

Yes yes yes!!! The books I am most likely to pre-order are sequels. Even though I am outspoken in favoring standalones, if I ADORED the first book in a series and it absolutely can NOT standalone I will pre-order and hype the sequels until my voice gives out.

Everyone is hyping it?

This is embarrassingly likely to make me pre-order a book (or at least request it from the library). I succumb to book hype all the time. Lately it’s been working out well for me, and I’ve read a bunch of my anticipated YA books this year 113% because of hype. But, once again, all the hype in the world won’t make me pick up a book if I’m not interested in the concept or blurb.

Author interviews and/or blog tours?

Sometimes. Blog tours, not really very often. But if a podcast interviews the author and I really like the interview, that will make me request the book. The great thing about author interviews is that you get a feel for the author’s voice and personality, which can be a big part of whether I enjoy a book or not.

So what have we learned today? I will request/pre-order a book if and ONLY IF the blurb or concept catches my attention. But there are other factors that will make it a “most anticipated” book such as loving the author, a great cover, hype, or author interviews.

What makes you anticipate a new release? Let me know in the comments! (Alternatively, this post would work pretty as a tag, so tag away)

20 thoughts on “Discussion: What makes you anticipate a new release?

  1. Great stuff!

    I am probably even less up on upcoming new releases than you. And, I am even more so, almost exclusively, about the concept. I can even enjoy listening to an author interview, but then not go out and read the author’s book if the concept is one I have trouble connecting with, though I say this with embarrassment as I then feel I’ve let the author down. And there have been times when I’ve been not sure about a book because of the concept, but given it a try because I knew of the author, and it has turned out to be great.

    Please do a post about terrible covers.

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  2. I’m with you on the sequels – love them! I think of a book completely blows me away I’ll TBR everything from that author as well, including new releases. Rae Carson and Roshani Chokshi, for example, are instabuys.

    I think I’m a bit weird in the community where I don’t usually get super psyched up for book releases? There may be a handful each year (this year off the top of my head: A Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, Fable, The Silvered Serpents, The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue). I’m excited when I get to the point of reading the book, but release dates are a bit uneventful as a rule. 🤣


    1. For me it depends on the dates. For example, I pre-ordered a book called Black Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse, and I’m looking forward to reading it but I’ve no idea when it comes out other than the nebulous “fall”. But a few years ago when Naomi Novik came out with Spinning Silver I had it big time circled on my calendar. Probably because it had been so long since she’d *had* a new book. I guess it depends on how excited I am, and also how many new releases I’m anticipating. The more they are the less likely I’ll know when they are.

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  3. If I love an author, I’ll be keeping up with what they’re working on next and if it sounds like something interesting to me, I’ll definitely pre-order it. Same for a sequel to a book I’ve loved.
    But nothing, not even the prettiest cover in the world, could make me anticipate a book that doesn’t have a good concept.

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  4. Hmmm this is a really interesting post and makes me think of what makes me label a book as “anticipated release”! For me, a sequel to my favorite book will definitely be on this list since I would be excited to see how the story continues. For other books though, it tends to be more on the blurb rather than the author or the hype. If I find it generic or just lacking something, even if it’s written by my favorite author or hyped by the whole community, I would just watch the hype and read the reviews but not really excited to read it 🙂

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    1. I’m the same way, just because a book is by an author I love or its being hyped doesn’t necessarily mean i want to read it. But those things might make me more excited if the blurb has already caught my attention.


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