2020 in Review

Thank goodness 2020 is over, amiright??? I seem to remember saying the same thing at this time last year, though I can’t for the life of me remember what everyone hated so much about 2019. I mean, I know why my year was miserable, but in hindsight 2019 was pretty swell.

That being said, my 2020 was pretty awesome. I started my dream job, I am *finally* finished with grad school, I moved back to my hometown and don’t have a commute for the first time in eight years, and I got to spend so much quality time with my kids. I mean, I get that overall this year sucked, but for me and my family things are great in spite of everything. Plus, it was an AWESOME reading year. Let’s get on to that, shall we?

Top 10 of 2020

See full post here. You can also see my Top 10 Middle Grade books here.

Book Stats

Books Read: 112
What is that?!?! Who am I?!?! I admit, this was not my plan going into this year, and I don’t know that it will ever happen again…

Average rating: 3.9
Well, that’s exactly the same as every year… I’m nothing if not consistent!

5-Star Books: 15
SO. MANY. 5-STAR. BOOKS. Y’all, I know it’s just that I read so many books this year that I was bound to have more 5-star reads, but I’ve never read that many new 5-star books in a year. Last year it was like, six. Wow.

New Releases: 17%
This seems to be quite a bit less than last year, which is sort of surprising to me because I kind of felt like I was more on-top of new releases this year. Probably because I re-read so many books this year, and also my MG books (which were many) were not new. I wonder if I should get on the middle grade new-releases scene? Not important right now.

Authors of Color Goal: 41%
This is an unacceptably low number, and I hope to do better in the future, but was a HUGE improvement over the less than 20% from my first year tracking my books. This will be an ongoing goal.


Yeah, none.

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