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Because it wouldn’t be Halloween without Hocus Pocus, and I wouldn’t be doing my job right if I wasn’t spreading the Hocus Pocus love, I’ve created my very own blog tag.

Dun dun DUUUUUNNNN!!!!!

I hope you enjoy it! I’ve certainly had fun dreaming it up and creating it.


There are no rules. It’s YOUR blog. But if would be nice if you linked back to me, and maybe the person who tagged you too. Share the love folks.

The Sanderson Sisters

A great trilogy.

giphy (13)

It should be a surprise to no one that I’m choosing The Lord of the Rings. I mean, favorite book, obviously favorite trilogy. Do I need to say any more?

Winifred Sanderson

A book with a truly evil female villain.

giphy (14)

Harry Potter is just so full of them! Obviously, Umbridge. I think the one thing we can all agree on is that she is the WORST. And I just hate Bellatrix Lestrange with a fury that I honestly didn’t think I was capable of. Narcissa is interesting because she isn’t evil so much as she is incredibly selfish (hence, Narcissa…). Rita Skeeter, definitely not a nice woman. I love that JK Rowling wasn’t afraid of female villains. It’s one of the things that makes the series so dynamic.

Sarah Sanderson

A book that uncannily attracts children.


As a current teacher of fourth grade, I am going to have to say Diary of a Wimpy Kid. It’s been years and they are still eating it up! I’m not sure whether they actually enjoy it, or whether they like that it has pictures, honestly. Most of them won’t read anything else, even if they have nothing else to do.

Mary Sanderson

A book that is just plain silly.

giphy (3)

The Princess Bride. *giggles* Hilarious book, hilarious movie, and isn’t afraid of the truly silly. I mean, the princess’s name is Buttercup, for crying out loud! And ROUSs! Bahahaha.


A book that is trying really hard to be cool, but doesn’t always succeed.

giphy (6)

This is how I felt about The Selection series. It was obviously trying to piggy-back on the success of dystopian books like The Hunger Games and Maze Runner, but Cass didn’t really seem to know what she was doing. It’s hard to really believe your main character is destitute and sometimes starving when it’s a tradition to pop popcorn on Friday nights…


A book that isn’t afraid to tell it like it is.

giphy (2)

While I’m not personally a huge fan of John Green’s books, you have to hand it to him for having the guts to portray teens the way they actually are. He doesn’t feel the need to shy around teenage drinking, teens having sex before they’re ready, or teens who are dying. The Fault in Our Stars was especially realistic to me, because as a watcher of his videos I’m aware that it was inspired by a real girl, Esther, who died.


A book series that just won’t die.


WHY WON’T THRONE OF GLASS JUST GO AWAY ALREADY? I originally wrote in my review of the third book, there isn’t really five books worth of material. And somehow it looks like Maas is going to stretch it out to at least seven. Nothing ever HAPPENS anymore. I’m done.


A book with a character that’s dumb as a rock.

giphy (5)

Ella Enchanted, in case you don’t know, is a Cinderella re-telling. In this particular version, the older step-sister is cunning enough, very much a Slytherin. The younger sister, however, is SO. STUPID. Olive seems to be about 10 or 12, but her writing skills are that of a kindergartner, and even simple conversations seem to confuse her. She also has a child-like obsession with money. Really, I almost feel bad calling her stupid, because she could well have learning disabilities or something. Gail Carson Levine makes it hard to feel sorry for her though.

The Black Flame Candle

A book or series you wish you could resurrect. 

giphy (7)

If I could bring Animorphs back to its hayday, I totally would. Guys, I was obsessed. But like, hardly anyone I know read them! How is that possible? You all don’t know what you’re missing out on.

Headless Billy Butcherson

A book that’s not so bad as people make it out to be.

giphy (4)

I feel like a lot of people *cough* ME *cough* give Dan Brown’s books a bad rap. They’re pretty formulaic, so by the third book you read they’re pretty easy to make fun of. But really and truly, they’re not BAD books. They’re all well-researched and present interesting conspiracy theories. The trick is to realize they are FICTION. And, you know, not to expect Dickens or something.

Winifred Sanderson’s Spell Book

A book with a mind of its own.

giphy (8)

Game of Thrones is one of those series where the book seems to have taken over the author. Book 5 is just so different from book 1 in many, many ways. It’s not even that I don’t think George R. R. Martin would kill off those characters. The series just seems to have evolved on its own, away from whatever he originally intended.

Garry Marshall

A book with a cameo.

giphy (1)

One of the things that’s really interesting about Madeline L’Engle’s books, is that there are characters who crossover. She essentially wrote about two different worlds: The Wrinkle in Time fantasy world, and a realistic world about the Austen family. However, there are characters who go back and forth, and who appear in books from both worlds. It’s always fun to spot them. It would probably have been more fun if I’d grown up in the 80s when her books were more popular…

I’m tagging lots of people!! Sorry not sorry.

Obviously you don’t have to participate, but I would love you forever and ever if you do. ❤

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